6 Ways To Increase Your Bottom Line Using Cityworks Asset Management

Improving your bottom line…That is one key aspect that citizens are looking for when they look at their local City, Utility or whatever organization they are looking at when they write the monthly check, or pay the taxes on their homes or goods.  They want to see that the organization that they are giving their hard earned money to is being fiscally responsible with the citizens or customers money.

Asset Management software can help with the “Bottom Line” to show and prove to their citizens that they are doing just that.  Here are 6 ways that every City or Organization can do that, and still maintain a high quality asset infrastructure while doing it.  Using Cityworks AMS (Asset Management) here is how cities are improving their bottom lines:

  1. Managing Work – Using CItyworks AMS organizations manage their work loads using Service Request and Work Orders.  This allows them to effectively manage their most valuable resource, their employees.
  2. Risk Management – Using Cityworks Work Orders, a chain of decision making power is carried out and creates a level of approvals that eliminate risk out of process.  It takes decision making power out of the hands of one person and allows for the decision to happen through the chain of command within an organization to help avoid improper decisions by individuals who should not or are not capable of making such decisions.
  3. Preventative Maintenance – Using Cityworks AMS organizations can Implement, Track and Plan Preventative Maintenance plans in order to avoid and curb problems before they occur.  Using the AMS system, this can easily and effectively be done at any level, on any asset within the organizations control.
  4. Quality Control – Quality control levels can be taken to another level with Cityworks AMS using a set of Tasks to ensure that every level of quality is understood and adhered to within the system.  These tasks are utilized in order to ensure proper policies and procedures are taken into account and completed, thus raising the organizations Quality Control measures.
  5. Inventory Tracking – Cityworks offers inventory management as well.  Tracking the inventory within an organization is key to reducing costs and ensuring your bottom line stays where the organization wants and needs it to be.
  6. Data & Reporting – Reducing costs by utilizing data and reporting to maximize efficiency and costs control.  The data is yours, you own it, you should be using it.  Cityworks makes it so easy to pull your data back out and report on it.  Either using Ad Hoc reporting built within the system, or using Crystal Reports and embedding those reports into the the system makes it possible for your organization to see what is happening and where the dollars are going.

For more information on how you can take advantage of these 6 cost improving tips contact Centricity GIS @ Info@CentricityGIS.com

For more about Cityworks please visit www.Cityworks.com


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