Selecting A Municipal Permitting & Community Development Application

Key points when looking for a Municipal Permitting & Community Development Application

  • Standardize! – The ability to standardize the cities/entities processes is one of the main key points you want to consider when selecting a solution.
    • Building Codes – Ability to standardize City Building or Municipal Codes within the system.
    • Workflows/Business Processes – Must have the ability to build your work-flows and/or business processes within the system.
    • Customizable – Ability to adjust the application and configure the system to your business.
    • Cashiering – Allows your entity to auto-calcluate your fees.
  • GIS-Centric – Fully integrate-able with your existing GIS solution will help you maximize your ROI with the solution you choose.
  • Process Automation – System that will allow fees, workflows and cashiering to flow freely and with ease.

Finding a system that meets the goals above will allow your entity to:

  • Maximize Resources
  • Speed up occupation time
  • Maximize ROI
  • Allow for Multi-Departmental Usage (Planning, Code Enforcement, Licensing, Etc)
  • Track Permits and Cases from Start to Finish with minimal user input to make calculations.

To find out more about a solution that meets your needs feel free to contact us today!

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