Implementation Services (PLL/AMS)

We range of full service Implementation Services including Cityworks AMS, Cityworks PLL (Permits Licenses and Land Use), Cityworks Storeroom.

We provide you with a proposal with details for the level implementation services that you are looking for.

Staff Augmentation (Cityworks Administration)

Centricity GIS offers a full service  off site, remote Cityworks Administration service.  This allows our clients to focus on the day to day tasks as they are able to off load the Cityworks Administration tasks, Day to day tweaks, configurations, upgrade and routine maintenance, to Cityworks Professionals.

We also provide the option for Cityworks Administration members to go onsite with clients to go over Work Flows and other key points that allow our Cityworks Administration staff to understand your personalized work flows and provide you with the best in the business Cityworks Administration.

Cityworks Training Services

Complimenting our other services, Centricity GIS offers onsite and web training courses to provide your users with an added level of support and knowledge.  Our staff can go onsite to you, or we can provide off site Web/Remote training courses to provide your end users or Administrators with an added level of knowledge that they can take back into the field and dive deeper into the Cityworks line of products.

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