Top 3 reasons for Cities to get a Permitting and Licensing system.

Top 3 reasons why Cities need a Permitting and Licensing system:

With the ever changing global online environment, we as a society are being held to a much higher standard of accountability.  This doesn’t stop at the doors of City Hall.  As a matter of fact,  cities are seeing an increase in the need to account for changes, requests and other hot topic items, that are typically addressed monthly in city council meetings.

Some of these items are often Permitting and Licensing issues.  Along with these hot topic items come price tags associated with them.  For instance, when John Doe applies for a permit to build his home he must step through the hoops for which ever city he lives in.  Permits are required, licenses need to be gather…and FEES…oh yeah, lots of fees.  The whole system becomes very confusing to John Doe.  He is not sure if the fees are correct, sometimes, the person at the city is not sure of the fees are correct.  Here is where an Permitting System comes into play.  Here are the Top 5 reasons any city, both large and small, need a system in place to manage and track Permits and Licenses (and Land use):

1- Automation – This is a key factor in making sure nothing gets left out.  When automation is involved, systems and process are clearly defined so that all the scenarios involved in the cities work flows get attention.  If automation is not involved, human error happens.

2- Transparency – When John Doe applies for a permit, he wants to know exactly what is going to be required, and he wants to make sure he knows the current status of his process.  When he goes to the city to find out, he wants quick, reliable answers so he can proceed with his project.

3- Accuracy – When a permit is taken into the city, there are two key factors of accuracy that need to be ensured have taken place.  One, the citizen shouldn’t over pay or under pay.  If the permit requires certain fees, those fees should be accessed, and he should not be over charged or under charged.  There are reason s for those fees and sound understanding of why each of those ticket items are associated with the permit. And two, the city should not be under paid (or over paid) for auditing reason we need to ensure that the city is paid appropriately and the correct procedures and policies are being adhered to.  The city requires fees to cover costs associated with the permits and laws and ordinances are in place to protect the citizens and visitors to the city to ensure that they are safe. 

Using a web based, Permitting and Licensing system will help you (cities) to have happy citizens and make sure everyone is safe and sound.

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