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Centricity empowers you with a unified platform, transforming how you manage, monitor, and interpret your infrastructure assets. With the synergy of Cityworks and ESRI ArcGIS, experience a GIS-centric solution that fuses the precision of ArcGIS with Cityworks’ comprehensive asset data repository. Moreover, leverage the Centricity suite of Cityworks Ready applications to further streamline and enhance your decision-making process. Drive smarter, cost-effective decisions through in-depth inspections, condition assessments, work orders, and service requests.

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Empower your operations with the capacity to generate Service Requests, Work Orders, Inspections, and Permits, all integrated seamlessly with individual or groups of assets. Dive deeper with Centricity’s Cityworks Ready solutions — bespoke tools we’ve crafted to enhance your experience and value. With our adaptable and highly configurable features, we fine-tune Cityworks to sync harmoniously with your workflows and meet the unique demands of your organization.

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Seamlessly melded with ESRI ArcGIS, we adeptly configure your existing GIS framework to dovetail with Cityworks, ensuring a swift and efficient rollout of your GIS-centric Asset Management System.

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  • Cityworks AMS (Asset Management System) Installation and Configuration
  • Cityworks PLL (Permitting, Licensing and Land Use) Installation and Configuration
  • System Administration
  • Software Version Upgrades and Testing
  • Database Management
  • System Integrations (CCTV, MicroPaver, etc)
  • Cityworks Customization and Development
  • Cityworks Work Flow Analysis and Modifications
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Cityworks Training (Onsite and Web based) Admin and End User



Cityworks Asset Management System Features


Service requests

Track citizen requests via Service Requests to take a call to action based on citizen input


work orders

Manage work activities tied to infrastructure assets within the system including tasking and tracking of equipment, labor and materials



Ability to record observations, tests, and condition assessments to drive management and reporting


Permitting, Licensing and Land (PLL)

Accommodate a variety of workflows that involve application, review, approval and expiration cycles, including management of the associated fees


Additional Modules and Tools

In addition to the core software, Cityworks offers additional modules and tools to extend the functionality of the system, including Storeroom, MicroPaver integrations, CCTV Integrations, Citizen Engagement Apps, equipment management and more



API’s are available that facilitate easy integration with other enterprise systems or development of custom applications to make ease of use within your organization

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