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Centricity Calendar Application

Integrate your Cityworks AMS and PLL with Outlook/Google Calendars


Use powerful Cityworks queries to create Outlook/Google events

Introducing the Centricity Calendar Application for Cityworks. Build custom searches for Cityworks and enable them as Outlook or Google Calendar events.

Now you can view your Cityworks PLL Cases, PLL Case Tasks, Service Requests, Work Orders and Inspections as events in your Calendar of choice with custom labeling for ease of use and open those Cityworks items directly from the Calendar.


Taking Cityworks Calendaring to a whole new level


Lack of integration between Cityworks and Outlook/Google Calendars. No ability to see start date and times of Cityworks activities in the users Calendar. 



Utilizing Cityworks API’s, Centricity was able to build a Cloud & API based, Query Engine to allow the Cityworks Admins to create custom defined queries for each user, group or domain and utilize that advanced query as a basis for the Outlook/Google Calendar Event.  Streamlining and visualizing the Cityworks events in a Outlook/Google Calendar Event.  This includes links directly back to Cityworks from the Calendar event to make opening and editing a Cityworks event easy.




“Our users wanted a way to view their Cityworks events in their Outlook or Google calendars, now we have a solution for that.”

Brandon Wright, Centricity CEO

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